Overview of ADDITIVA® Immune combinations

The immune system works as a barrier against diseases. However, the body must be adequately supplied with specific nutrients that support the immune system so that it can function at full capacity. These needs can generally be met by eating a varied and healthy diet. However, it can be difficult to find the time to maintain a proper diet, especially during stressful periods of life. In these circumstance, ADDITIVA® Immune combinations provide the required support.

Supports the immune system

ADDITIVA® Immune combinations support the body’s own defenses with an effective blend of proven ingredients such as vitamin C, zinc, or selenium. Dr. Scheffler nutritional supplements have been developed to meet specific requirements, with practical dosage forms and delicious flavors that make them an outstanding product.


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ADDITIVA® Vitamin C + zinc

Convenient sustained capsule

ADDITIVA® Vitamin C + zinc sustained capsules continuously release their ingredients over an extended period of time. Both vitamin C and zinc are essential for the metabolism and actively support the body’s own defenses.1,2

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ADDITIVA® Immune direct

Immunity to go

ADDITIVA® Immune direct sticks are a convenient for on the go because the delicious granules can be taken easily without water. Vitamin C, selenium, zinc, and L-histidine form an innovative combination of ingredients that contribute to a well-functioning immune defense system.

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