Fifty million steps: that’s how many a person takes on average over their whole life. That’s the equivalent of walking 40,000 kilometres – or once around the world. Our feet are subject to more wear and tear than any other part of the body! That’s why we need to take extra care of our feet so that the skin stays supple and our feet are ready for new adventures.


Callus Remover

Our special Curaped Callus Remover cream cares for your feet with a unique combination of high-quality active ingredients. Urea, glycerine, lactic acid, panthenol and shea butter provide long-lasting support for dry and tired feet.

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Foot balm

To care for your feet optimally and to prevent dry and cracked skin, there is a new foot balm in the Curaped range. Avocado oil, panthenol and shea butter provide intensive care.

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A pedicure to use at home

Despite their tremendous daily achievements, our feet are often neglected in our body care routines. These foot care tips will help to keep your feet fit and cared for.

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Hard, dry and rough skin
Calluses on the soles of the feet are actually a normal protective reaction of the skin. An impaired skin barrier, loss of moisture and pressure or friction can lead to the formation of large calluses. The skin is then extremely dry and prone to cracking, so that further moisture is then lost.

Tip: A relaxing foot bath softens the skin, and then a pumice stone can be used to carefully remove the dead skin cells. An alternative is Curaped Callus Remover, a special cream which removes unsightly calluses from the toes, the balls of the feet and the heels. Thanks to the special ingredients and high urea content, the troublesome hard skin is naturally removed after about four weeks and the skin is intensively moisturised.

These painful
calluses are caused by shoes repeatedly pressing and rubbing the skin in the same place. They grow into the deeper layers of the skin, where they come into contact with nerves, which is what causes the pain.

Tip: Never attempt to remove a corn yourself. Special corn plasters are available from the pharmacy.

Nail care
The best way to cut toenails is with nail scissors. The tip of the nail should be cut completely straight. In order to prevent nail bed inflammation and ingrown toenails, the corners should not be filed into a curved shape. As a finishing touch, a splash of colour can be added with nail varnish.

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