Marie Claire SUNLOVE

Marie Claire SUNLOVE

There’s nothing wrong with sunbathing – as long as you protect your skin. We use sun cream on the outside, and now we can also protect ourselves from the inside: with Marie Claire SUNLOVE.


By taking certain nutrients that promote healthy skin, you can protect yourself against skin damage caused by too much exposure to sunlight. Marie Claire SUNLOVE contains the vitamins and minerals that have long been shown to protect against free radicals as well as helping with skin and hair problems.

This nutritional supplement nourishes the skin with the skin-friendly vitamins A, C and E, the minerals zinc and calcium, and important bioactive substances for skin resilience.

Calcium is essential for cell function in the body. In combination with the antioxidant vitamins C and E, this mineral can immobilise strongly reactive free radicals. Since more free radicals are created in sunlight than in other circumstances, our need for antioxidants increases.

Lycopene is one of the bioactive substances with prominent antioxidative and cell-protective properties. Like beta-carotene, it is part of the carotenoids group, which also supports tanning – and therefore the ability of the skin to protect itself – from the inside out.

Vitamin E also promotes healthy regeneration of the skin, increases its elasticity and prevents skin ageing, which is accelerated by the sun’s rays.

Taking just two tablets of Marie Claire SUNLOVE daily helps meet our greater need for antioxidants and vital nutrients in sunny weather – for a beautiful tanned skin without long-term damage from the sun’s rays. Sun lovers should also ensure that they eat a healthy summer diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and use sun protection tailored to their individual skin type.

Marie Claire SUNLOVE

Vitamin C 80 mg

Vitamin E 12 mg α-TE

Vitamin A from beta-carotene 333 μg RAE

Zinc 5 mg

Calcium 400 mg

Lycopene 2 mg

Lutein 2 mg

Sunbathe, by all means – but get it right!

A sun-kissed complexion with lightly tanned skin just looks great. The skin appears young, healthy and fresh. But be careful! Too much sun can damage the skin.


These tips will help you to get a beautiful, healthy tan:


Pre-tanning prepares the skin

If you can, try to get your skin used to the sun gradually. It’s important to only expose it to the sun for short periods at a time and to use a sun cream with a high protection factor. So don’t overdo it on the first day.

The correct sun protection factor

Whether you’re by the pool, out hiking, shopping or in the snow, when you expose yourself to the sun, your skin needs to be protected with sun cream. The longer you stay in the sun, the higher the protection factor should be. Ideally you should apply the cream about 20 minutes before you sunbathe.

Generously and often

Apply sun cream generously to ensure that all the skin that is exposed to the sun is properly protected. Of course, oils and sun sprays are other alternatives. The important thing is that the sun protection should be re-applied throughout the day.


Sun protection from the inside

You can also protect yourself from excessive UV radiation from the inside, with nutrients that boost skin health. Because the sun’s rays create more free radicals, our need for antioxidants is higher in sunny weather. You can help by taking vitamins and minerals that have long been shown to protect against free radicals as well as helping with skin and hair problems.

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