ADDITIVA® Nutritional supplements:
Nutritional supplements for specific needs, available in pharmacies

Available exclusively in pharmacies, ADDITIVA® nutritional supplements from Dr. Scheffler – including vitamins, minerals, immune support products, or advanced combinations of nutrients – are well tolerated and come in practical dosage forms with selected ingredients. Find out more about the entire range here.

ADDITIVA® – Taste the difference.

ADDITIVA® Nutritional supplements from Dr. Scheffler are the right choice when your body needs specific support, such as in stressful or particularly challenging periods of life.

  • Modern dosage forms
  • Advanced ingredient combinations
  • Tailored formulas
  • The highest quality standards

Discover the wide range of ADDITIVA® brand products!

ADDITIVA® Vitamins

An extra dose of vitamins – every day

Whenever your body’s requirements increase, ADDITIVA® Vitamin supplements help you get the right amount of essential vitamins, such as B vitamins, vitamin C, or the sun vitamin D. The advanced formulas are a sensible addition to a balanced diet.

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ADDITIVA® Minerals

For increased mineral requirements

Sometimes the body needs an extra dose of minerals, such as magnesium or calcium. ADDITIVA supplements can be a sensible addition to a balanced diet. ADDITIVA® Nutritional supplements provide the body with an extra dose of minerals if necessary.

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ADDITIVA Hot drinks

Delicious support for the immune system

ADDITIVA® Hot drinks are available in eight different flavors. Enriched with vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin D3, the powdered drink mix is a delicious way to support the immune system.

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ADDITIVA® Immune combinations

Specific support for the immune system

The human immune system is highly complex. Sometimes it can be weakened due to particularly stressful events or diseases. When this happens, it helps to eat foods with immunity-boosting ingredients such as vitamin C, D, zinc, or selenium. ADDITIVA® Immune combinations can be taken for added support.

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ADDITIVA® Multivitamins and Minerals

Nutritional supplements can taste this great

Precisely adapted vitamin and mineral combinations support the body in challenging periods of life with extra nutrients. Discover ADDITIVA® Multivitamins and Minerals for comprehensive nutritional supplementation.

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ADDITIVA® Special Products

A well-balanced diet and plenty of exercise form the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

But there are times in life when your body needs that extra portion of nutrients. Because the  requirements we place on food supplements are very individual, Dr. Scheffler develops special products for the targeted support of a variety of health needs.

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