RUGARD Cosmetics – specific cosmetics for every skin type, available in pharmacies

With ingredients such as skin-boosting vitamins, high-quality olive extracts, and valuable substances sourced from volcanic Montmorillonite clay mineral, RUGARD products are carefully formulated to meet the needs of each skin type. They provide long-lasting care according to skin type and feel wonderful on the skin.

RUGARD Cosmetics – Feel the difference.

Carefully selected ingredients give every skin type exactly what it needs. The formulas of all RUGARD Cosmetics products fulfill the highest quality standards and are:

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Very well tolerated by the skin
  • Free from dyes, and microplastics
  • Available exclusively in pharmacies
  • Made in Germany

Discover the entire RUGARD range of cosmetics!

RUGARD Vitamin series

Nourishing care for dry skin

The RUGARD Vitamin series combines selected vitamins with valuable plant-based oils and other ingredients that deliver positive skin benefits, such as bisabolol and collagen. The range includes an intensive care Facial cream, Body lotion, and Hand cream, which provide a long-lasting feeling of well-being.

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RUGARD Hyaluron series

Moisturizer for dry skin

Hyaluronic acid binds moisture and plumps the skin, visibly reducing expression lines. RUGARD Hyaluron facial and eye care combines valuable hyaluronic acid with high-quality active ingredient complexes along with nourishing sweet almond protein, vitamins, and plant-based oils.

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RUGARD Olive series

Deluxe treatment program for normal skin

The best of nature: valuable ingredients sourced from olive oil and olive leaf extract are included in all products of the RUGARD Olive series, including the Day cream, Night cream, and Body lotion. Enriched with vitamins and other nourishing ingredients, the Olive series is an indulgent treatment for the skin.

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RUGARD Urea series

Gentle care for sensitive skin

Urea is a true wonder that regenerates the skin. The ingredient strengthens the skin barrier, compensates for moisture loss, and gently restores the skin’s natural balance.

Both the Facial care and Body lotion of the RUGARD Urea series contain ten percent of the valuable ingredient and noticeably soothe sensitive skin.

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RUGARD–Beautiful Feet

Dermatological Foot Care for the Home

Find out more about RUGARD Beautiful Feet callus remover and foot balm here.

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RUGARD-Complementary products

RUGARD – Feel the difference.

Beauty from inside and out: the complementary products from RUGARD Cosmetics complete your skincare routine. The high-quality collagen beauty complex for drinking provides effective support for skin elasticity. The RUGARD lip balm ensures irresistibly soft lips.

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