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If you value high quality ingredients in your skin care products, the RUGARD SKIN CARE range is perfect for you. From vitamins for the skin to high-quality constituents of the olive tree to valuable components of the volcanic clay minerals muscovite and montmorillonite, the cosmetic ingredients in RUGARD products are skilfully combined. Every formulation is carefully matched to the needs of the skin: our products feel great on the skin, leave you with a wonderful sense of wellbeing and are easily absorbed – free from parabens.

RUGARD Beauty Liquid

The structure of the skin changes over the years as the skin ages naturally. The ageing process in each of us depends not only on our genes but also on extrinsic factors. You need to provide your skin with the right nutrients to keep it healthy and looking radiant.

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RUGARD Vitamin

Vitamins are the supreme all-rounders among nutrients. For the skin there are two stand-out vitamins, A and E, which are often referred to as the “skin vitamins” because they can be used specifically for external skin care. The combination of valuable vitamins and collagen counteracts premature ageing of the skin and formation of wrinkles.

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RUGARD Hyaluron

It’s a proven fact that the body’s own stores of hyaluronic acid gradually become depleted after the age of 25. The body is then no longer able to produce enough hyaluronic acid itself to keep the skin looking naturally filled out. Skin care products with hyaluronic acid nourish the skin from the outside.

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Olive oil has been used in skin care for thousands of years. Thanks to its valuable constituents, it’s a veritable beauty miracle, particularly for dry and cracked skin. Its antibacterial effect and its many vitamins protect the skin, making it soft and smooth.

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Dry skin itches, feels tight and needs special care to soothe it. Urea helps the skin cells to communicate with each other, thus restoring the skin’s natural moisturising processes.

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RUGARD Reinigungsöl ist die innovative Reinigungsroutine mit 3-fach-Wirkung. Mühelos in die individuelle Pflegeroutine integrierbar reinigt, pflegt und beruhigt das Öl die empfindliche Gesichtshaut und eignet sich damit perfekt für die tägliche Anwendung. Die durchdachte Formulierung basiert auf wertvollen pflanzlichen Ölen sowie Bisabolol und hochwertigem Ringelblumenextrakt. Das zusätzlich enthaltende Vitamin E wirkt antioxidativ und schützt die Haut somit vor schädlichen freien Radikalen.

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RUGARD Mineral Clay

Muscovite and montmorillonite are clay minerals with a wide range of beauty benefits. The constituents also revitalise and refine the skin.

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RUGARD Knowledge Zone

RUGARD is a skin expert. The skin is a sensory organ which senses pressure, vibration, touch, pain and temperature. It protects us from cold, heat and radiation, as well as pressure, blows and friction. It also protects us against chemicals and loss of heat and water. Its functions are defence against micro-organisms, resorption of active ingredients, perspiration and regulation of heat and circulation.

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