The Dr. Scheffler portfolio at a glance


If you value quality and natural ingredients in your skin care products, the Dr. Scheffler range is perfect for you – whether you’re looking for vitamins for the skin, high-quality constituents of the olive tree or valuable components of the volcanic clay minerals muscovite and montmorillonite. Every formulation is carefully matched to the needs of the skin. Free from parabens.



Modern nutritional supplements can no longer rely purely on their ingredients to convince people they are worth buying. Besides the vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients, sensory aspects also play a decisive role. A specialist in formulation chemistry with proven expertise in food technology, ADDITIVA is in a class of its own in the pharmacy.


Marie Claire

Marie Claire's Nutri-Cosmetics offers optimally dosed and carefully balanced vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances for a healthy and attractive radiance from the inside.


Made in Germany

Our company, which has its headquarters in Bergisch Gladbach, provides its customers with expertise built up over 30 years of activity in the fields of nutrition, health and beauty. As part of the Krüger Group, we stand for product quality "Made in Germany".


Manufacturing competence

In addition to producing our own brands Additiva, Rugard and our own medicinal products, which are available exclusively from pharmacies, we are also trusted partners to numerous further companies, providing services as contract manufacturers and fillers. As specialists in the field of galenics, we produce food supplements, cosmetics and medicines in all current pharmaceutical forms, employing state-of-the-art production lines which comply with highest quality requirements.


Comprehensive in-house expertise

As Dr. Scheffler is part of the Krüger Group, we and our business partners benefit from synergies that are unique within the sector. Within the OTC, vitamins, minerals and cosmetics segments, we are supported by technologies and experience from the world of nutrition and are able to take inspiration from successful trends to develop innovative new products for the pharmacy.


Dr. Scheffler’s health expertise

To survive today, you can’t afford to be yesterday’s news tomorrow. Staying curious and constantly questioning the tried and tested: we know that a boundless imagination is an essential factor for economic success. That’s why we welcome – and nurture – each and every new idea. Because real adventures are all in the mind – or at least that’s where they start.

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