The Dr. Scheffler portfolio at a glance

Pharmacy-exclusive skin care range ok

If you value quality and natural ingredients in your skin care products, the Dr. Scheffler range is perfect for you – whether you’re looking for vitamins for the skin, high-quality constituents of the olive tree or valuable components of the volcanic clay minerals muscovite and montmorillonite. Every formulation is carefully matched to the needs of the skin. Free from parabens.

Nutritional supplements

Modern nutritional supplements can no longer rely purely on their ingredients to convince people they are worth buying. Besides the vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients, sensory aspects also play a decisive role. A specialist in formulation chemistry with proven expertise in food technology, Dr. Scheffler is in a class of its own in the pharmacy.

Medicinal products

At Dr. Scheffler we are passionate about using our expertise to help and guide people who are striving to improve their health, wellbeing, strength and relaxation. We develop non-prescription medicinal products tailored precisely to meet our customers’ needs and manufacture them in compliance with strict manufacturing standards.

Dr. Scheffler’s health expertise

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