High-quality ADDITIVA Hot Drinks from the pharmacy contain an impressive range of valuable nutrients. Our easy-to-prepare Hot Drinks range has the benefit of added vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D3 to boost the normal functioning of the immune system, which is particularly challenged during the seasons when colds are prevalent.


Whether it’s to strengthen the body’s defences or simply as a brief break on a journey or through the day, healthy hot drinks really hit the spot in the cold months.


Classic drinks such as Hot Lemon or Hot Elderberry, or unusual combinations such as Hot Sea Buckthorn with Pomegranate and Hot Mint with Apple, have an enticing scent, taste deliciously fruity and warm from within. Other delicious flavours are Hot Lime, Hot Ginger with Orange and Hot Sage.

By the way, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the flavours of ADDITIVA Hot Drinks and top up on vitamins at the same time. The sophisticated formula of these drinks keeps the highly sensitive vitamin C stable in both hot and cold solutions.

Vitamin D activates the immune system’s scavenger cells, thereby ensuring that invading viruses and bacteria are immediately destroyed. That’s extremely important, and not just for the immune system and bones – the heart and the mind also benefit from an optimum supply.

Vitamin C helps the white blood cells to detect pathogens. This “acidic” vitamin is absolutely essential for the immune system, helps with wound healing and, as an antioxidant, neutralises free radicals – substances that are damaging to health and that are produced in larger amounts by the body in times of stress. The combination of the antioxidants vitamin C and zinc also plays a part in protecting the body’s own cells from oxidative stress. Zinc has a direct antiviral effect.

A clear advantage: ADDITIVA Hot Drinks contain only natural, high-quality aromas and highly purified vitamin C which is produced in Europe.


The Thermos flask test

Vitamin C is very heat sensitive and can be rapidly destroyed by temperatures that are too high. A current research paper* confirms that even when ADDITIVA Hot Drinks are dissolved and stored in a Thermos flask, the vitamin C content remains stable for over 8 hours.

Even after 8 hours, up to 95% of the original vitamin C content remained in the hot drink. It was also proved that 93% of the vitamin D content remained available.

*Oktober 2014 – DSM Research & Development Basel

Well protected through the cold months

When you come home frozen through from the cold, wet streets, there is only one thing to do – get warm! Apart from putting on thick socks, diving under a cosy blanket and turning up the heating, hot drinks also help.


Whether it’s tea, cocoa or hot lemon, they all taste good, radiate a feeling of cosiness and warm the body pleasantly from within.

Tip: It’s even more beneficial to health if the hot drinks contain precious nutrients. For example, vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D3 support the immune response, which is particularly challenged during the cold months. The immune system can make good use of additional reinforcements: vitamin D activates scavenger cells, which destroy invading viruses and bacteria. Vitamin C helps the white blood cells to detect pathogens, and zinc is an antioxidant.

Did you know? Hot drinks make the nose run, which helps flush out pathogens before or during a cold.

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