ADDITIVA® Hot drinks

The original ADDITIVA® Hot drinks contain an advanced immune combination of vitamins C, D3, and the trace element zinc. They support the immune system, provide soothing warmth, and meet the specific requirements of adults and children. The delicious hot drinks are available in many flavors. Learn more about this classic ADDITIVA® product here.

ADDITIVA® Hot drinks classic

ADDITIVA® Hot drinks support your immune system with vitamin C, vitamin D3 and zinc. They are available in a variety of different flavors – there’s something for everyone.

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The delicious way to support your immune system

The Vitalstoff ADDITIVA® Hot drinks trio supports your immune system. Particularly in colder times of the year, your body’s defenses will really feel the benefit, while their soothing warmth will give you that cozy feeling.1 And yet the ingredients can do even more: Vitamin D3, for example, is important for good bone health and muscle functions. Vitamin C plays an essential role in energy metabolism and reduces signs of fatigue. The essential micronutrient zinc protects cells from oxidative stress and supports cognitive performance.2

The Hot drinks come in the following great-tasting flavors:

  • ADDITIVA® Hot lemon with and without sugar
  • ADDITIVA® Hot elderberry
  • ADDITIVA® Hot sage
  • ADDITIVA® Hot ginger + orange
  • ADDITIVA® Hot sea buckthorn
  • ADDITIVA® Hot forest fruits (for children)

As both vitamins C and D3 react sensitively to the influence of light, heat and oxygen, special process technology is used when producing ADDITIVA® Hot drinks.3 This stabilizes the vitamins in such a way that they are preserved even if the drink is left to stand for a long time. This has been proven by research showing that even after eight hours, 95 percent of the amount of vitamin C in the ADDITIVA® Hot drinks is still detectable.4

Product description


ADDITIVA® Hot drinks dissolve quickly. The taste is based on natural, high-quality aromas only. The production takes place in Germany at the Bergisch Gladbach site in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Recommended dosage

Pour the contents of one sachet into a cup, add 2/3 cup of hot water that is no longer boiling and stir. Leave to cool briefly and enjoy. Alternatively, you can also prepare the drink cold.


Supports defenses

Both vitamin C and D3 as well as zinc are important for a healthy immune system. Especially in the cold and wet seasons, the immune system will benefit from this trio of nutrients.5

Protects cells and muscles

Vitamin C and zinc protect the cells from oxidative stress and free radicals. Vitamin D3 contributes to maintaining healthy bones and normal muscle function.


Vitamin D3, zinc and highly pure vitamin C

ADDITIVA® Hot drinks contain an optimal combination for the immune system with 240 mg of pure vitamin C, 5 mg of zinc, and 5 µg of vitamin D3. The ADDITIVA® Hot forest fruits hot drink is specially tailored to the needs of children and contains 80 mg of vitamin C and 5 µg of vitamin D3. Because the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment does not recommend zinc supplementation in children, it explicitly excludes zinc.6

Other ingredients

Depending on the flavor, ADDITIVA® Hot drinks contain different natural aromas and binding agents.

ADDITIVA® Wellness hot drinks

The soothing ADDITIVA® wellness hot drinks support deceleration - during the day and at night.

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Simply come to rest

In our fast-paced and hectic times, it is becoming increasingly important to allow oneself regular time-outs and moments of tranquillity in order to recharge one's mental and physical batteries.
The ADDITIVA® wellness range helps to integrate small mindfulness rituals into everyday life and to consciously enjoy them.
With the valuable combination of hemp seeds, green oats and peppermint, ADDITIVA® Harmony & Balance is the perfect companion for more serenity in stressful everyday life.
ADDITIVA® Good Night & Recovery is the perfect start to a restful night with its sophisticated composition of lavender, lemon balm and passion flower.

Product description


ADDITIVA® hot drinks are fast-dissolving. The taste is based exclusively on natural, high-quality flavours. The production takes place in Germany at the Bergisch Gladbach site in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Recommended dosage

Pour the contents of one sachet over 150 millilitres of hot, no longer boiling water and stir. Allow to cool briefly and enjoy. A maximum of three sachets per day.


More serenity and peace

The soothing warmth and the selected aromas of the wellness range accompany the relaxation process and make it easier to switch off in everyday life and before going to bed.

Mindfulness ritual

Regular time-outs are not only good for the body, but also for the soul. The ADDITIVA® wellness hot drinks help to incorporate moments of rest and relaxation into everyday life and to consciously perceive them.


Valuable flavours

Harmony & Balance: Hemp seeds are a real superfood and rich in vitamin B2, among other things. This B vitamin supports the hormone cortisol in reducing stress. Green oats are valued as a home remedy with a pleasant calming effect. Peppermint is used for stress, exhaustion and headaches.

Good night and rest: The use of lavender is popular for the treatment of restlessness. Melissa is said to have a positive influence on the gastrointestinal tract in addition to its calming properties. Passion flower is known for its calming and sleep-inducing properties.

Other ingredients

Depending on the variety, ADDITIVA® Wellness hot drinks contain different ingredients and binders.

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Frequently asked questions

What are ADDITIVA® Hot drinks used for?

ADDITIVA® Hot drinks with vitamin C, vitamin D3 and zinc actively support your immune system. They are easy to prepare, provide soothing warmth and are particularly good to have at your side during the colder months of the year.

What flavors do ADDITIVA® Hot drinks come in?

ADDITIVA® Hot drinks are available in the flavors ADDITIVA® Hot sage, Hot sea buckthorn, Hot lemon with and without sugar, Hot elderberry, Hot ginger + orange, and Hot forest fruits for children (without zinc).

How should ADDITIVA® Hot drinks be taken?

Pour the contents of one sachet into a cup and add 2/3 cup of hot water that is no longer boiling and stir. Leave to cool briefly and enjoy.

How many sachets are in a pack?

A pack contains 10 sachets.

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