ADDITIVA® Eyesight

As we perceive our environment with all our senses, we see, hear, taste, smell and experience situations interactively. And this is where the eyes play a special role, for they provide around 80% of the sensory organ information we process in our brain.

ADDITIVA® Eyesight

The ingredients of ADDITIVA® Eyesight are particularly focused on the subject of eye health. And by taking just one tablet a day, targeted food supplementation becomes a cakewalk.

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The wonder of eyesight

To put it simply, “seeing" involves our eyes receiving light stimuli from our surroundings and transforming them into nerve impulses. They reach the brain via the optic nerve pathways and are there processed into an image. This requires light to pass unimpeded through the entire eye and fall onto the retina where the transformation process takes place. Spatial vision is only possible in the brain through the combination  of information from both eyes.

Here, the eyes work like a camera. As with an objective lens, light passes through the individual components of the eye. The cornea is the bulge of the eyeball and, together with the lens, it collects and focuses light rays. Behind it, the iris with the pupil regulates the incoming light like the diaphragm of a camera.

The macula, or yellow spot, is located in the centre of the retina, immediately next to the optic disc where the optic nerve exits the eye. This is the part of the retina with the greatest density of light receptors and the area of the sharpest vision.

This area is called the yellow spot because it is where the natural dyes lutein and zeaxanthin are deposited – these are yellow pigments which act as “natural sunglasses” for this sensitive area.

Product description

ADDITIVA® Eyesight film-coated tablets contain an elaborate nutrient complex which promotes eye health.

Recommended intake

Take one tablet a day with some liquid.

Product characteristics

Supports eyesight

The clever combination of vitamin A and vitamin B2 supports your eyesight and helps maintain healthy mucous membranes.

Concentrated plant power

High-quality marigold extract provides both lutein and zeaxanthin, while selected grape extract contains valuable polyphenols.



Zinc, selenium and copper are essential trace elements which protect the cells from free radicals, but which the body is unable to produce itself. They therefore have to be supplied to the organism from outside.

Vitamins C and E

These vitamins also have an antioxidant effect. Their combination is recommended because the eyes are especially exposed to environmental cell damage through the direct incidence of light onto the retina.

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