ADDITIVA® Special Products – at a glance

A well-balanced diet and plenty of exercise form the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. But there are times in life when your body needs that extra portion of nutrients. Because the  requirements we place on food supplements are very individual, Dr. Scheffler develops special products for the targeted support of a variety of health needs.

Food supplements for individual needs

Mobility and good eyesight are decisive factors with an immediate impact on one’s quality of life. The special products from Dr. Scheffler contain refined combinations of nutrients for a targeted supply to  the organism.  

ADDITIVA® Glucosamine 750 mg

With their combination of nutrients, the effervescent tablets contribute to joint and bone health and also taste of fruity currants.

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ADDITIVA® Eyesight

The ingredients of ADDITIVA® Eyesight are particularly focused on the subject of eye health. And by taking just one tablet a day, targeted food supplementation becomes a cakewalk.

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